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Gazelė 2014 awards event

On Friday, January 30, 2015 in exhibition center “Litexpo” UAB “Valmetrus” participated in final “Gazelė 2014” (“Gazelle 2014”) event organized by “Verslo žinios” (“The Business News”) which awarded the most rapidly growing companies in the country.
As state organizers nearly three thousand companies this year claimed for the “Gazelė” (“The Gazelle”) title.
In the competition already 11th time organized by “Verslo žinios” participated companies of any property form in activity not later than from January 1, 2010 and with turnover 0,29-40 million EUR. During the last year - 2013 the company meeting competition criteria had to operate profitably. Turnover of “Gazelles’” in comparison to the year 2010 and 2013 increased not less than by 20%.
Not less important criteria than growth were transparency and openness. This means company has orderly pay taxes provided by Lithuanian Republic laws and follow good business practices in daily activities. This is why winners were checked very close. State Tax Inspectorate as a partner of the competition helped to evaluate tax payments, wage average paid by companies in comparison to usual wages paid by other regional companies.
Because of the Tax Inspectorate remarks some companies leading in sales did not became competition nominates. Another one important criteria was if the company wants go public on her activities and experience.
Growth is important for every business. But we demand more of the candidates: they not only have to show good results but companies must be socially responsible, this means pay taxes, not lower than average of the country wages, work transparently and without fear of publicity. Sometimes soft indicators are even more important because they leave a trails. Otherwise business would be only money making machine. I am glad that more and more business leaders say today: "We care how much our employees earn, we care about our state. They are true citizens”, said Rolandas Barysas, UAB “Verslo žinios” Chief editor.
“We are with “Gazelle” rom the first day. This project is very important for us as social responsibility project. This is how we contribute to the small and medium business development. It is important that every year small and medium-sized enterprises muscles are getting stronger. The winner is not the one who is big, fast wins against the slow ", -stressed Gintautas Galvanauskas, “Danske Bank” General Director.
The fastest growing Lithuanian companies today were congratulated also by Dalia Grybauskaitė, President of the Republic of Lithuania.
I have been in many places - different countries, different events, but I haven’t seen so many small business people in one place yet. It’s a first year we celebrate this event in such hall, but next year even it might be to small”, - said President.

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